26-28 September 2018
“Jordanki” Conference Center, Aleja Solidarności 1-3, Toruń

Over 1.000 European home care directors and experts will come to Toruń to join the discussion, share their experience and stablish new networks. A high substantive level of the Conference is guaranteed by regular cooperation with the leaders and founders of long-term care in Poland and abroad, including national consultants and opinion makers operating in this sector.


While Europe is growing older, its societies face a difficult challenge of building effective care systems for the dependent people. This task lies with the national governments, yet its execution belongs to the entire community engaged in improving the European long-term care: non-governmental organizations working in this field and socially responsible business.


Managers of long-term care facilities face new challenges as the environment changes and the needs of the system beneficiaries grow. How to prepare for the future and increase the management efficiency? This is the key question that we tried to answer in Toruń, in 2018.


For the next edition
of the Long-Term Care Conference
we invite you to Toruń on September 18th-20th, 2019



Dan Levitt
Acclaimed international speaker, elder care leader, writer, and gerontologist, specializing in helping others to create better lives for seniors.  Dan’s purpose is to teach millions of people how to transform the lives of older adults across the globe.  As a popular professional speaker, he has delivered inspiring keynote speeches impacting thousands of people on four continents.  Dan doesn’t tell people where to go but guides them in the direction of where they need to go.  His talks leave the audience with a new mindset on aging needed to thrive in the 21st century.
Heather Johnson
Heather Johnson began her career in long-term care at the age of 15 as a dietary aid.  She has been an nurse for twenty-four years.  The past 14 years were dedicated to working various shifts and as Charge Nurse for the Memory Care unit for Elim Care in Buffalo.  In addition to serving as the Charge Nurse, Heather led successful PIPP’s with the direction and support of Empira.  In her time at Elim Care, she assisted with the successful implementation of various quality improvement initiatives.  Heather successfully mentored a neighboring long term care community with the sleep program over a two-year period.  She has a keen and practical eye for performance improvement strategies that support implementation, monitoring, and evaluation to ensure a positive affect on performance.   In September of 2016, Heather joined the Empira team as a Clinical Educator and Program Specialist.
Volker Rasche
Specialist on accounting and management of social enterprises. 30 years of experience in workshops for people with disabilities. From 2006 is The Head of payroll and fiduciary management Central purchase / vehicle fleet at Protestant foundation in Neuerkerode, Germany. Topics of interests: Care and long-term care Insurance in Germany. Development of care insurance since 1995; Employee management. Requirements for the nursing staff and the executive; Quality assurance. The „ New appraisal –Assessment” (NBA). Quality Management

Magdalena Jaworska-Nizioł
A Polish philologist by education, professionally a journalist and press spokesperson. After a few years in the journalistic profession she crossed to the other side of the barricade, so to speak, and, in the course of time, became a press spokesperson dealing with media representatives on a daily basis.
DMSc Wiera Władimirowna Czajkowska
Expert Member of Ukraine’s  Ministry of Health in the field of hospice and palliative medicine. Member of the Board of the Gerontology and Geriatrics Center of Ukraine. President of Ukraine’s Association for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities
Nobumasa Ohmori
Chairperson and Founder of Medical Corporation Tatsuoka; Social Welfare Corporation Tatsuoka; Runs 1 medical clinic, 10 institutions for the elderly, 1 disabled facility, 3 group homes for the dementia, and 35 home care service stations

Jeroen van den Oever
Mr. Van den Oever (1959) is currently the managing director of Fundis. Fundis is the holding company of a group of enterprises in the field of elderly care in the mid-west region of the Netherlands. Van den Oever formerly held  general management positions in major dutch healthcare insurers such as Zilveren Kruis Achmea, part of Achmea / eureko-alliance and OHRA, banking and insurance group. Also he did develop different entrepreneurial projects in the Dutch healthcare market. Educated as an Economist in universities of Rotterdam and Paris, he earlier held positions in the consultancy industry in the Netherlands. During the period 1998 – 2002 Mr. van den Oever worked and lived in Warsaw, Poland, where he started two Greenfield operations.
Daniela Tatiana Soitu
Professor of Socilogy / Department of Sociology and Social Work, Faculty of Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi, Romania; Main responsibilities: preparing courses, teaching and evaluation of students. Coordination of final papers and dissertations. Member in the final evaluation commissions of doctoral thesis. Research activities.  Courses: Social care for the elderly, Older Family, Counselling in social work, Counselling for personal development, Applied social work.
Beata Leszczyńska
CEO at ORPEA Polska (former MEDI-system) has a long experience in managing distracted operational structure of private health care companies, development of new units, sales and team building. Achievements as CEO include: improvement of the company’s operational effectiveness (30% of Ebidta growth 2014 vs. 2015) and financial results (commercial income growth of 200% in 2014 vs. 2015), aquisition process of 140-bed longterm care center in Chorzów, responsibility for entering ORPEA Group and 2014-2019 development strategy of the company. Graduate of Kozminski University MBA Healthcare Program, holder of MA degree of Jagiellonian University Public Health Departement. Career: - Hospital and diagnostic imaging director at ENEL-MED; - Mobile MRI manager at LUX MED; - Area Sales Manager at PROMED SA

Paweł Dobski
PhD, Associate Professor at the Poznań University of Economics and Business. Lecturer at the Warsaw School of Economics, Kozminski University in Warsaw, and WSB University. Dr. Dobski is a leader of both training and consulting projects in such areas as ISO systems implementation (ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14 001: 2015, ISO 27001:2017), accreditation standards, and personal data protection related to RODO in over 300 medical facilities. He is the author of over 100 publications devoted to marketing and quality management in health care institutions.
Jo Croft
Jo Croft is a Registered Nurse with over 25 years experience in nursing care home management both in Australia and the UK. She currently works as a Quality Manager for Colten Care Ltd., a care provider in southern England with 20 Nursing and Residential Care Homes, including 5 dedicated dementia communities, providing care to over 1000 residents. She describes her role as supporting and mentoring home managers and clinical leads to maintain compliance with care industry legislation and to monitor standards of care delivery. Jo has spoken at conferences in the UK and has published articles in the NRC.
Jadwiga Jośko-Ochojska
Professor Jadwiga Jośko-Ochojska, MD, Ph.D., is an internist, neurophysiologist, and public health specialist. Since 2002 she has been head of the Department of Environmental Medicine and Epidemiology at the Medical University of Silesia. Her research concerns the impact of stress on the body, specifically its impact on the central nervous system. As a physician who takes a holistic view of the patient, she pays attention to the negative, immunity-depressing effects of stress that lead to the occurrence and development of disease. As an epidemiologist she is also concerned with the negative health effects of stress on a societal scale, including the epigenetic inheritance of trauma. In numerous lectures given outside her home university she works to popularize the world’s newest research breakthroughs, combining this endeavor with the exploration of preventive measures and therapy.

Beata Bugajska
Associate Professor of Social Sciences in the field of Pedagogy (2016). Place of work: Faculty of Social Pedagogy at the University of Szczecin. Since 2016 – head of the Department of Social Issues of Szczecin’s City Hall. Research interests: social pedagogy, social gerontology, social aid, and social work. Vice Chairperson of the Board of the Main Polish Association of Gerontology. Author of over 60 titles, including, among others: The Identity of Man of Antiquity: a Social Pedagogy Study (Szczecin 2005) (in Polish: Tożsamość człowieka w starości: Studium socjopedagogiczne); A Future Perspective of Time in Antiquity (Szczecin 2012) (in Polish: Przyszłościowa perspektywa czasowa w starości) co-author; A Trip in Time (in Polish: Podróż w czasie); Workshop for the Personal Development of Seniors (Szczecin 2014) (in Polish: Warsztat rozwoju osobistego osób starszych) co-author. This title was awarded the Theophrastus Prize for best popular-science book in psychology for the year 2015; “The Ninth Stage in the Cycle of Life – Reflections on E.H. Erikson’s Theory”, Ageing & Society, 37, 2017.
Leszek Guga
Psychologist, graduated from University of Łódź and a MATRiK Management Trainers Programme. Since the start of his professional career he worked with pharmaceutical and health sector. He specialises in stress and burnout management and self-effiacy. In his spare time he is fascinated by games and their educational potential.

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