26 September 2018

Opening Ceremony
Jadwiga Jośko-Ochojska (Poland)

The secret garden. About the inheritance of trauma

27 September 2018

Session I - Individual needs and the standardization of services. Dilemmas in contemporary long-term care.
Moderator: Dan Levitt (Kanada)
Dan Levitt (Canada)

Rethinking Aging: Not the Traditional Nursing Home Grandma Lives In
Jo Croft (England)

Promoting independence using a Positive Risk framework
Leszek Guga (Poland)

The Dignity and Individuality of the Dependent Person. Seni Fosters Care.
dr hab. Beata Bugajska (Poland)

Providing for the diverse care needs of dependent older people – solutions being implemented in Szczecin
Sesion II - The image of the long-term care institution – how to build it deliberately?
Moderator: Magdalena Jaworska-Nizioł (Poland)
Magdalena Jaworska-Nizioł (Poland)

Harnessing the fourth power
Jeroen van den Oever (Netherlands)

Image of nursing homes, a confusing experience from the most expensive elderly care system in Europe
dr hab. Paweł Dobski prof. nadz. UEP (Poland)

The relational concept of marketing in long-term care.
Sesion III - What is the world up against? Various aspects of care for dependent persons.
Moderator: prof. Daniela Soitu (Romania)
Nobumasa Ohmori (Japan)

Japanese Long-Term Care System
prof. Daniela Soitu (Romania)

Can we shape out the aging life? Desires, resources and life lessons.
Heather Johnson (USA)

Making a Night and Day Difference: Creating a Culture of Restorative Sleep
dr n. med. Czajkowska Wiera Władimirowna (Ukraine)

The aging population of Ukraine: conclusions and perspectives
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Session IV - Management in long-term care in the face of staff shortages.
Volker Rasche (Germany)

Employee management: „So that the good staff will stay!"

Beata Leszczyńska (Polska)

A Growing Problem: The Lack of Qualified Nursing Care Personnel as the Greatest Challenge in Long-Term Care

28 September 2018

Leszek Guga (Poland)
Communication with patient and family - tackling difficult matters